Adrenal Fatigue – Kelsey Becker

By the time she came home it was still unclear to us why and what had happened. At that point, we realized that it was necessary to pull her out of school. How could she have gone from a point of wanting to strive to go to school, being so excited to push forward and now be so slammed with what seemed like almost an out of body experience? She seemed slow to gather her thoughts and couldn’t retain what someone said to her. It was so discouraging. She was our daughter for whom nothing came easily. NOW, WHY THIS LORD? I was mad and frustrated!!!

I had to stop. I couldn’t hold on to those thoughts. This was when I had to be reminded, that when you are shaken to the core, turn to Jesus and He will guide you and comfort you even in the tough times. God gave us the fortitude to try to find answers and to love her where she was on each and every day, even though it was sad and disheartening at times. What do we do now? Wayne reevaluated all the medicines she was on. Could Mefloquine be the core problem? Could the added medicine she was on have taken her over the edge? What was this all about?

A month went by with not much change. When would this fog lift? What was the next step? When do we start taking her off some of this medicine? It was a Tuesday morning when I went to check on Kelsey before I left for work. I told her to call me when she got up. She called me about 11:00am and said words I will never forget. “Mom, I am in a deep dark cave and I can’t get out.” I was stunned; this was a cry for help. I left work immediately and drove home praying for guidance. I was only seven minutes away. I needed to stay calm, and figure out what to do. I found her in her basement bedroom with the covers over her head and then knew we had to do something different. The doctor told us we needed us to make an appointment immediately with a psychiatrist.

Within an hour of walking into the psychiatrist office we were taking her to the hospital again. This time it would be for 10 days. That was a tough ride but we knew we needed help. She was admitted and within two days was diagnosed with Bi- Polar Disorder. What did this mean? Really, are you kidding me? How could you diagnose her so quickly? We were handed a book explaining what this meant. I tried to read the book’s explanation, but it frustrated me because I just didn’t think the doctor was on the right track. Having not been educated in these types of problems, I asked myself if I was denying a problem I didn’t want to face. Wayne and I were not comfortable with the diagnosis. And now they wanted to put Kelsey on MORE medication. There were at least five medications, all with long names, all so foreign to us. Although we didn’t know if this was the best course to follow, we had to trust what the doctors told us. We had so many mixed emotions, but we had to get this resolved. I hated seeing my child in such a dark state of mind.

Late Signs of Adrenal Fatigue

Ten days passed and she was released with the hope that we were on the road to getting back on track. After leaving the hospital, we were assigned to a new psychiatrist who, as we now understand, helped us more than we realized. The first time we met her, Kelsey took a pillow the appointment with her. She was not sure if she could stay awake long enough to talk to the doctor. The first thing her doctor asked her to do was to walk down the hall. Now what was this for? Kelsey did what she was told, but interestingly, couldn’t walk a straight line. The doctor looked at us and said, “She is overdosed!”. Wayne and I were relieved. Was this why we had not seen much recovery? We were instructed to slowly taper her off some of the medicine. The doctor made some changes, which would integrate better with her body.