Adrenal Fatigue – Kelsey Becker

This management continued for nine months. Kelsey seemed to be coming out of the fog after being weaned from the strong medications. Her mental processing was better and her ability to communicate was improving. Her doctor asked her to set goals to help her get back on track.

BUT, she still had this lethargy. She had trouble going to sleep and by morning she would have struggle to get up. She had no drive to do anything, except to watch TV, which drove us CRAZY!!! We went to our scheduled appointment with the psychiatrist and told the doctor we were making some progress, but Kelsey still seemed so DRAINED of energy. We were distressed because the progress seemed SOOOO SLOW.

Testing for Adrenal Fatigue

The psychiatrist surprised us when it was decided to taper her off her existing medicine because it seemed to be working against her. The psychiatrist said Kelsey needed to take an Adrenal Fatigue test from NeuroScience. This might be the answer to some of Kelsey’s core problems. The doctor had just met with the Neuro Science Company representative. Her conclusion was that Kelsey would be a great candidate for this type of testing. This could give us a new path to follow. It sounded promising. Our daughter took the Salivary Adrenal Fatigue test. It was a different kind of test than she had ever taken before. We gathered saliva and urine which was a day long process. As we waited for the test results, which took three weeks, we were gradually tapering off the remaining medicine.

A dear friend of ours suggested we take Kelsey to Custom Rx Pharmacy. She told us that it was a different kind of pharmacy and that they could guide and direct us. It was very important we have the psychiatrist and the pharmacist work together for Kelsey’s good. I remember calling Jan Gerber, the owner and lead pharmacist of Custom Rx. I explained what had transpired over the last year. He said he would be glad to speak with Kelsey’s psychiatrist and was very impressed the doctor had advised the Neuro Science test. He also asked us to request a vitamin D level test and a thorough thyroid evaluation.

Jan asked me to gather all of Kelsey’s medical information for him. All hospital records, lab results and any documentation that we thought would be helpful to understand her medical history. I gathered everything and put it into a LARGE three-ring notebook with a beautiful picture of Kelsey on the front. I remember walking the notebook into the pharmacy so Jan could review it before our meeting. I had spoken to Jacque, who works at Custom Rx. I looked at her friendly face and said, “This is for Jan Gerber, for our meeting.” I stood there with tears streaming down my face and handed over Kelsey’s medical life that was held together within the three rings and said, “Please tell him”, as I pointed to the picture on the front of the notebook, “I just want my girl back.”