Adrenal Fatigue – Kelsey Becker

Another new level of trust! Were we ready to put our lives into someone else’s hands? Would this really get us anywhere? Would this really help OUR GIRL come back to life again? My friend had spoken so highly of Jan and we had this new direction, so we had to TRUST and MOVE FORWARD.

The one thing I knew is we COULD NOT give up, what good would that do? Kelsey was always the one to persevere. She could not do that right now for herself, so we had to do it for her.

We met with Jan Gerber in February 2011, almost one year after the whole thing started. When I saw him, I was surprised how young he looked. He was congenial and had such a kind voice. The four of us sat at the conference table and Jan started asking questions about her health history. Questions I don’t remember ever being asked before like: how often was Kelsey sick? I replied that when she was young we were at the doctor it seemed monthly. In the last ten years she would get really sick several times a year, however she was constantly congested. When he asked me how her illnesses were handled – I told him with antibiotics. When she had strep throat what did her tongue look like? Her tongue was always white, I explained. The BIG question was what her problems are now. We explained her main problems were, low energy, sleeping TOO MUCH, 12-14 hours a day down from 20 hours a day. She had a drawn and flat look to her face… a look that was so different. And by the time we met Jan, Kelsey had developed a tic.

Jan explained the purpose of asking the questions was to try to get to the bottom of the problem. Wow, I had always felt so frustrated going back to the doctor for another ear infection, strep throat or sinus infection. Instead of prescribing a band-aid of a 10 day round of medicine, we were going to get to the core of the problem! Now, this may be getting us somewhere! He explained the purpose of what is known as Functional Medicine. Simply, the goal is to get the body to work or function compatibly within itself. (For me the best way I can explain Functional Medicine: It is like a clock, if all the pieces work together it makes the clock tick). We came to find out some of her physiologic systems were barely functioning, others were in overdrive, and others needed to be oiled. This meant her body was not working in a compatible way. Is this how we get to the core of the problem?

As the meeting went on, Jan asked Kelsey more questions and she answered some questions, but most of the time she looked to me with a blank stare. It was like when a teacher has asked a question and you have just spaced out and had no idea what the teacher had just said. She was better than she was a year ago, but she did not seem to be improving. She used to have so much more spring in her step, so much more joy in her everyday existence. Can we get that back? Can we find Kelsey?