Adrenal Fatigue – Kelsey Becker

We didn’t have to wait for the next appointment to get answers. Jan told us how to begin, that very day.

  1. Regarding her being sick all the time, he suggested we do an ALCAT test for her food allergies. This would tell us a lot; from food allergies, to food sensitivities, to dyes to stay away from and even any sensitivities to certain medications.
  2. While we waited for the ALCAT results, we needed to take her off all gluten based foods. I didn’t know what that meant. He further recommended cutting out all grains until we get the results of the test.
  3. We also needed to do a POOP test – this would be an indication of whether or not she had yeast in her gut – Candida.
  4. Her Vitamin D level was low. He explained how important this vitamin is to your body. A low level should not be ignored.
  5. We reviewed the results from the Nuero Science test. Jan was very impressed that her psychiatrist was willing to think outside of the conventional medical box to look for answers. He confirmed that her test results help explain many of Kelsey’s symptoms. The most significant result revealed that her cortisol levels were, well, – “THEY WERE TANKED OUT”. Her adrenal glands were not working properly! There were other abnormal test results.

We set up a list of priorities.

The Vicious Cycle of Adrenal Fatigue

One of the most important things we heard him say was: This didn’t happen overnight. Some of her challenges were as a result of how her body was made (genetics). In addition, the exposure to multiple courses of antibiotics and intermittent oral steroids over the years may have also contributed to her ongoing problems. The other important factors were the stresses in her life, especially those that had occurred in the past year. This was Kelsey’s “Perfect Storm”. What had taken years to create would not be an overnight fix. Her body had been through so much and would TAKE TIME TO HEAL. We walked out of the conference room feeling we had hope and direction and we had made the right choice. Now it was time to get to work. That very day Jan started us with several supplements that would aid in her recovery.

Within three weeks we had the results from the tests. Jan had been right on all counts. Kelsey had an immeasurable amount of yeast in her gut. We put her on a prescription to help this get cleared up. He told us that one of the reasons she was so tired was her gut was not working correctly. This can also create brain fog. That was a great word for describing what was going on with Kelsey. Could this also be why her body had been changing; why the mid section of her body was becoming pear shaped? The ALCAT Test, in fact, showed she was not only gluten intolerant but also very sensitive to rice. Because she had so many dietary sensitivities, I had the ALCAT test to help me with meal planning. Having to restrict foods for one family member and still cook for everyone else was overwhelming.