Adrenal Fatigue – Kelsey Becker

He had us start working on her allergies before the major allergy season started so we powered up on D-Hist and Sinatrol. Jan explained one of the most important things we needed to do was to keep her from taking any prescription drugs due to her yeast problem. We didn’t realize what a major part the digestive system plays in one’s health.

We were seeing progress as the next months passed by. We got through our first spring without a prescription for an ear infection or sinus infection – this had NEVER HAPPENED IN HER 20 YEARS OF LIFE.

We were now being introduced to foods we didn’t know existed, like kale and quinoa. These are “Power Foods”; and they aren’t so bad! We got in a routine of taking supplements FIVE times a day. It was a lot to keep track of, but we had to make it work.

How was Kelsey dealing with all of this? To be honest, she was MAD at first. Why do I have to take all these pills and why can’t I eat what I want? We had to approach it by asking her to try it for three months and see how it goes and then we would discuss it. She was willing to try. Whew, that was a relief. She stuck with it; she could tell it was making a difference.

We were making gains in her energy. She was getting more bounce in her step and finding more joy in her existence. But then came a MAJOR setback. We made an appointment with an optometrist because she kept complaining of headaches. After her exam and a field vision test he said, “I think you should go see an ophthalmologist. There is a place in her eye that has a void.” After further testing the doctor determined she had a pseudo tumor in her left eye. The doctor said if it were his daughter he would want to make sure there was not a tumor behind the eye causing this problem. We had an MRI done which was all clear –THAT WAS GREAT NEWS!!!

There was one more thing the ophthalmologist wanted to have tested, the pressure of the spinal fluid. This was done the first part of August 2011. I remember the pressure number being a “high normal” but her doctor said it was not to the point that we should be overly concerned. We thought we had dodged another bullet.

After the spinal tap, I had asked the doctor if it would be alright for us to leave town for a wedding. He told us to go ahead, but to call him if there was a problem. You guessed it; Saturday afternoon she began having symptoms. She had a major headache. She begged me to let her ‘just rest’ so she could go to the wedding. She was a trooper and got through the wedding, even danced, but then toward the end of the reception, she asked to leave because her head was hurting so badly. By the next morning she could hardly get up. As we were driving home, I called her doctor and told him her symptoms. And, when he asked if the headache was worse when she sat up, the answer was – Most definitely, “YES”. So we were off to the hospital…again. This was her third hospital visit in 18 months.