Adrenal Fatigue – Kelsey Becker

The medical team got her headache under control after a couple of days. I remember the doctor coming in after the second day. He asked Kelsey if she was ready to go home, to which she said, “No. I just don’t feel right”. Physically, she seemed to be OK, but then he asked her, “Kelsey, do you think you are depressed?” She shrugged her shoulders and she said she didn’t know. After the doctor left, Kelsey looked at me and said, “MOM, what is depression.” I could only wonder if the test to check her spinal fluid had caused all of this. Within a week she seemed to be backsliding. We didn’t want to backslide; we had come so far.

This was different. Kelsey seemed ZZZZZapped.

WHAT DO WE DO NOW? When she was release from the hospital we called Jan who suggested we call in Dr. Michael Brown, a Naturopath and Functional Medicine Doctor from Kansas City.

Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue

In August 2011, we gathered at the Custom Rx conference table, Dr. Brown greeted us with a smile and with his computer sitting in front of him. As he began asking questions, Kelsey began yawning. She was showing her true self. She kept yawning – she looked half mast, with her eyes half open and her body posture looking as if she could fall asleep in the chair at any moment. At first this frustrated me, but he was getting the full picture. Dr. Brown said, “Kelsey, you need to know I have been where you are, I have had adrenal fatigue. I understand completely what you are going through.” He then looked at her with compassion and smiled, “your body has been through ALOT. Our goal is to get you feeling better. Are you up for that?” Kelsey perked up and said she wanted to feel better.

Dr. Brown adjusted her supplements to help her body make a quicker recovery. He did tell us, this is like peeling an onion. That we would be working with a couple layers at a time. Other challenges would come to the surface, but we would address, as thy appeared. It was just like he said, some of the layers peeled off. She started developing a sleeping pattern, which previously had been quite a problem. She was now getting up by 10:00 am, which might seem late but it’s a lot better than 12:00 pm. She started to cook on her own, pack her own medicine, gain energy, and even started working on goals for herself, which helped her gain confidence. It was wonderful to see real progress.

We had been working with Dr. Brown for about 6 months when another layer was becoming an issue that we HAD TO DEAL WITH. Her body was getting better but her anxiety was still higher than we thought it should be and her ATTITUDE was really a problem. Was this really something I should talk to Dr. Brown about or was this just the frustration of dealing with this whole situation? She had to express her frustration to someone and it seemed that we were the target.