Adrenal Fatigue – Kelsey Becker

During our next phone appointment with Dr. Brown we brought up the issue of Kelsey’s anxiousness and attitude. He didn’t hesitate. He suggested we do a hormone check. I thought this was what menopausal women do. I didn’t know young women were checked for hormones. Kelsey had described to Dr. Brown that she felt as though, “her claws were out like an angry cat”. She was right; it was NO FUN to live with this frustration. We had tracked it. She seemed to be OK for half of most any month, but other half -YIKES! Sure enough, further testing showed that her hormones were off. Dr Brown made another adjustment and we noticed some improvement within the next couple of months. It was great to have her express herself without getting so frustrated. Dr. Brown kept encouraging her by telling her to remember where she was a couple years ago. We were headed in the right direction. The words of encouragement from someone other than her parents were very helpful.

Dr. Brown and Jan kept reminding us that Kelsey’s body was working really hard to get better, but it wasn’t going to correct itself overnight. It was very important to be consistent with her supplements and diet. Dr. Brown really encouraged her to exercise – don’t overdo, but be consistent.

We had seen a resurgence of joy in Kelsey’s life, her frustration and anxiety was so much better. She was starting to gain confidence through part time jobs.

We now had renewed hope that she could live an independent life, but she still had her core issue of low energy. Getting up in the morning was still such an issue and feeling “with it” in the morning was her MAJOR FRUSTRATION. Kelsey’s goal at this point in her life was to move out, get a job, and live on her own.

By this point we had established complete trust in Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown suggested we do a Metals Test to try to get to the bottom of this fatigue problem. The results were positive for lead and tin. He readjusted her supplements and he told us this was like a form of Chelation Treatment. She didn’t feel good the first couple weeks, but that was to be expected. Over the next 2-3 months, it was quite amazing to watch her gain ground. She started getting up in the morning without looking and feeling like a truck had run over her. It was an exciting time for all of us.

I will never forget the day when she called me with great excitement in her voice, and said, “MOM, I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. I FEEL REALLY GOOD. I made her say it again. Did I really hear her right? Wow, those words were music to my ears. I had to stop and think about how long it had been since she had said that she felt really good. It had been along time! Finally, her body was working in harmony, or should I say FUNCTIONING like it was supposed to.