Direct Care vs Insurance

For those of us that have high deductible insurance plans (my family and I have a bronze plan that combines a Health Savings Account with a HDHP) direct care just makes sense. Less cost up front means more money in your pocket.

One question we get quite often is “Since I have good coverage, won’t direct care cost me more?” In the example below we show how direct care, even for those that have great coverage, can save money.

Insurance* Direct Pay
Moderate Visit $108.00 $90.00
Copay** $30.00 $0.00
CBC $12.83 $10.00
CMP $16.00 $12.00
Total $166.83 $112.00
 80/20 (in network)  $57.37**  $56.00  50/50 (out of network)

Difference: $1.37

*Representative of one of the largest insurance providers in KS
**Copay not reimburse-able and doesn’t count toward deductible

We’re excited to offer good value and affordable care in a simplified way.