Eat Food

Eat Food

This is a talk given by one of my favorite writers when it comes to food, Michael Pollan. He started with the Omnivore’s Dilemma and then wrote Food Rules (a sort of instruction manual for eating). He is an American author, journalist, activist, and professor of journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.  A 2006 New York Times book review describes him as a “liberal foodie intellectual.”


I frequently share his 3 rules of eating:

  1. Eat food*
  2. Mostly plants
  3. Not much of it

*I remind people that real food generally doesn’t come

  • out of a box
  • out of a can
  • out of a bag
  • over a counter
  • through a window

And… if it have more than 5 ingredients you should really question whether its food. There are some exceptions to those rules (frozen fruit and veggies from a bag etc), but for the most part that will be all you need to know about how to eat.

I found one particular fact that he points out interesting: poor women that cooked their own food were healthier than wealthy women that didn’t. We need to get back to food that’s cooked by us rather than food that’s cooked by corporations. Although I haven’t read his latest book, Cooked: A Natural History of  Transformation, I plan to very soon.

Oh, and for those of you disturbed by the pesticide used on potatoes, I found a link to the chemical profile of Monitor.