Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of practice is this?
We offer traditional primary care in Wichita KS. Dr Davis is board certified in Family Medicine and is fellowship trained in functional and regenerative medicine . Joleen Zivnuska, APRN has over 25 years of experience in women’s health. We see the young and old alike; men and women.

Q: Why doesn’t Prairie Health and Wellness contract with insurance?
There is significant overhead in billing, coding and submitting claims to insurance companies. Many times the insurance companies will change the rules on what they consider to be a covered expense. We want to work for you. When a doctor contracts with an insurance company to take payment for services, you are no longer the focus. More and more restrictions are being placed on how medicine is practiced, and unfortunately cost is often the deciding factor and not the quality of care. We have elected to eliminate this expense and pass those savings on to you.

Q: How will I get reimbursed from my insurance company?
Surprisingly, patients submitting claims is relatively straight forward. We provide a separate copy of your bill with all the necessary diagnoses and procedure codes. For the most common carriers we also provide the required form. Your insurance can still be utilized for referrals to specialists, additional testing, and prescriptions.

Q: I have a high deductible plan and an HSA (Health Savings Account). How does this model work for me?
You have the perfect set-up for this model. We allow you to maximize your tax-free HSA money. Our fees are 100% eligible to be paid by your HSA. With our low costs your HSA is allowed to grow for future needs rather than your money being lost to insurance premiums.

Q: Do I even need insurance?
Yes, to cover major medical expenses. Health insurance is the only form of insurance that we expect to cover preventive and maintenance care. We would never expect our house insurance to cover new carpet or our car insurance to buy new windshield wipers. The pricey healthcare costs that we see today have been driven by our expectations that our health insurance covers such preventive and maintenance care. Like to contact an insurance agent experienced with direct medical care model?

Q: What form of payment do you accept?
We take cash, credit, debit and local checks.

Q: What are the different ways I can participate as a patient?
We provide fee for service care with prices clearly posted on our website. We also offer a membership model for those that are looking to save even more money and have virtual visits included, reduced lab pricing and deep discounts on prescription drugs and supplements.

Q: I have Medicare (or another federal plan). Can you see me?
Soon. Dr. Davis has opted out of Medicare. This means neither Prairie Health and Wellness nor the patient can submit a claim to Medicare for reimbursement. The drastically reduced rates still offer great enough savings to appeal to all Medicare patients. Talk to our staff about a unique opportunity for you to save money on prescriptions under our membership plan.

Q: Is this a new concept?
No, this is a huge trend in healthcare right now. We encourage you to look at the following sites for further information: Direct Primary Care and Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. You can also look for articles that reference “direct pay care.”

Q: What about the Affordable Care Act?
Direct pay or cash based medical practices are recognized in the Affordable Care Act. Here is an interesting article about the Affordable Care Act and the current trends that we invite you to read

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