Letter from Dr. Davis

"We are given this one beautiful life.  Our passion at Prairie Health and Wellness is for a life well lived."

I am full of joy and thankfulness as I  step into the blessings ahead at Prairie Health and Wellness.  For years, my heart's desire has been for a place in Wichita that offers a unique and evidence-based approach to health.  We want to provide a family medicine and women's health practice where you are cared for.  

Along with this, we offer our patients the opportunity for us to pursue the root causes of their health issues.  Our goal is to collaborate with patients for a plan of care personalized to each patient's medical and health goals. We believe that small, cumulative changes over time  add up to results that can greatly improve quality of life.

We would like Prairie Health and Wellness to be a place where people benefit in large and small ways -- from the the gentle, kind words of every staff person, to all of the small details of this comfortable space.  We want our patients to feel valued and cared for.  We want it to be a place where patients are inspired through books in our office, counsel, encouragement, blog posts, and lectures. We desire for each patient, during the time they spend with us, to know we are here to serve them.

We want our patients to leave our office feeling encouraged.  We pray that we will earn the right to share life with each patient, and to listen intently to each patient's story, as we provide for their medical needs.  In short, our desire is that our care for our patients would be marked by love.

Our hope, for Prairie Health and Wellness, is to be a favorite place to receive medical treatment as well as to connect, learn, be inspired, heal and feel better.  We strive to build community in Wichita by connecting our patients with like minded people who can provide valuable information and services.  

Again, we believe growth starts small.  We have lived this personally in our lives.  We also understand that different seasons of life pose different challenges.  Our desire is to meet our patients wherever they are on the life long path toward health and wellness.

Thank you for the privilege to serve.

- Dr. Jeff Davis


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  1. What a beautiful vision! So thankful for you.
    Praying for bountiful blessings for all!♥